Robert Abrant, MSEE, P.E.

Electronic Design and Technical Marketing.
Experience encompasses the complete electronic product design cycle, from exploration of markets and competitive analysis, through implementation of systems, circuits, and ASICs, to simulation, testing, verification and documentation. Industry and consulting experience in telecommunications (telecom and telephone voice and data CO and PBX systems), packet switching, fault tolerant systems, consumer electronics, digital television (DTV), cable modems (QAM), computers, networks, and intelligent controllers. System specification, architecture, partitioning, hardware/software trade-offs.
Digital logic design, VHDL and Verilog, timing analysis, test bench, simulation for VLSI ASIC and FPGA products. Real-time firmware, test software, system verification, and laboratory validation. Generation of technical tutorials, customer presentations, documentation and data sheets. Focus on innovative technology, robust design practices, and design reuse.

Member of IEEE Chicago/Rockford Consultants Network

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Acumen Design, Inc.
937 Clyde Avenue
Downers Grove, IL 60516
Phone: 630-719-9439
Fax: 630-719-9459

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