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Quick Calculus Review Audio Home-Study Course

Calculus is the backbone of science and engineering. In this Award Winning brisk 18-hour easy-to-use audio home-study calculus course (includes a 400+ page manual/workbook) you focus on the applied calculus used extensively in engineering.


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There are 18 1-hour Lessons in the course.

Lesson 1. Functions and Limits
Lesson 2. Derivatives and Differentiation
Lesson 3. Differentiating Algebraic Functions
Lesson 4. Applications of the Derivative
Lesson 5. The Second Derivative
Lesson 6. The Trigonometric Functions
Lesson 7. The Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Lesson 8. Derivative of Arc, Curvature, Parametric Equations
Lesson 9. L'Hopital's Theorem, Differentials
Lesson 10. Integration
Lesson 11. Applications of the Indefinite Integral
Lesson 12. Trigonometric Integrals
Lesson 13. Methods of Integration
Lesson 14. The Definite Integral
Lesson 15. Partial Derivatives
Lesson 16. Multiple Integrals
Lesson 17. Approximate Integration
Lesson 18. Differential Equations

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Benefits of EUI's E-130 Calculus Review Home-Study Audio Course

  • You save your valuable time and money. No driving to classes, and no inconveniently-scheduled classes to meet.
  • You can listen to the tapes/CD's as you commute.
  • You choose your private convenient hours and pace.
  • You will learn the more used and applied aspects of calculus.
  • You will be shown how to work hundreds of problems efficiently with explained solutions.
  • You control the presentation with your pause, rewind, and fast forward buttons.
  • You will take virtually no notes since the audio program and the review manual/workbook are coordinated.
  • You will be taught by a skilled, experienced, successful instructor.
  • You can complete your review in only 18 hours plus working practice problems.
  • You send nothing to be graded or checked. Everything is in the workbook and on the tapes.
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    Dear Dr. Blank,

    I just wanted to let you know what a blessing your course has been to me!

    I wish that I had you for Calculus the first time around. You have answered questions that I have had for years about how things are done. You have presented the material in a logical, well-thoughtout way---not skipping any of the steps. Also, having the notes written out, so that I can really listen (and often listen again) to what you are saying is so helpful. You have even inspired me to make up "memorization tapes" for myself. . . J.Y., Loveland, Ohio

    I am amazed that I could learn so much so quickly. . .R.J., Los Angeles, California

    Now I really understood what it's all about . . .T.G., Dover, New Hampshire

    This sure beats taking calculus in school. . . M.A., Detroit, Michigan

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