Donald E Brewer, MSEE, PE


40+ years experience as professional engineer, available for design, drafting, R&D,

testing, ROI calculations, white paper ( research ), maintenance, troubleshooting,

documentation, programing, value engineering, web-design, GUI, and teaching.

Successful in multi-disciplinary projects, vehicle embedded systems, real-time control,

project management, team building, and mentoring with Steven-Covey's 7 principles.

Western Electric, AMOCO pipeline, Caterpillar, Keystone Steel, GM.Electro-Motive

Member of IEEE Chicago/Rockford Consultants Network and IEEE AICN

Job Shop Availability: Yes



1137 Yorkshire Drive South

Sycamore, IL 60178-3233


PHONE: ( 815 ) 895 - 4659

Cell_Mobile ( 309 ) 368 - 2310

FAX: ( 815 ) 899 - 2901

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