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Comments of Students  

I Passed!

Dear Dr. Blank,
I finally passed the Electrical PE exam!  Thank you so very much for your assistance over my long hard endeavor of study.  Your videotapes were instrumental to my success.  I appreciated your willingness to speak with me over the telephone and your patience while answering my questions.  I also want to thank you for your support and for encouraging me not to give up!  You helped open a door to a new amazing world for me!

Thank you again for your help and keep using your wonderful gift as a teacher.  You are by far the most effective one I have ever had!  Where were you during my undergraduate years?

John Yeager, P.E.
Tacoma, Wash.


Took Your Advice and reviewed your videos.

Dr. Blank,

I just wanted to let you know that I passed the PE exam!  I took your advice and reviewed your videos several times.  I believe this led to my success. Thanks for your willingness to help above and beyond the standard course work.

Thank you, B.D., PE


Your Video Course and Advice Did it!  Passed On My First Try. 

Dr. Blank,

I just wanted to let you know that I received my PE Exam score on Friday and I am extremely pleased to let you know that I passed. My wife and I were talking on the weekend and we truly believe that you had a large part in this.

The videos were very well made. You explained the material in a way that was informative, interesting and relevant.

More importantly your helpful advice over the phone even beyond the technical material and about how to take the exam, how to determine which books are useful, etc. all contributed to helping me pass the PE exam, even though this is the first time I was taking it and I had limited study time.

My wife and children and of course myself all thank you.

I will be HIGHLY recommending this course to others.

E.S., P.E.


 My wife and three kids thank you

Dr. Blank:
I am not sure if you remember me, but I recently prepared for the P.E. exam (electrical) and used your videos and workbooks to prepare.  We spoke a few times on the phone when I had questions about the material. I have a B.S. in Physics-Engineering and this was my fourth attempt at the PE exam.  Before taking your course my score history was 63, 63, and 68.  Then I took your course. I became very confident in areas that were unfamiliar to me such as Control Systems, Stability, and Digital Logic.

Thanks to you and your GREAT instruction, I PASSED on the first attempt after taking your course!!!!.  You are truly a GREAT teacher and I would highly recommend your videos and workbooks to anyone taking the exam. 

My wife and three kids thank you as well. I would be interested in any other videos you would recommend.

Warmest Thanks!
Sam Curtis, P.E.


Took both of your video courses for the FE/EIT and the PE Exam


Dr. Blank,

I have had the privilege of taking your video courses for both the FE/EIT and the PE exams. On June 8th I received notice from the State Board that I passed the PE exam.

Your courses are wonderfully taught. I recommend you everywhere I go.

Thank you!

Steven R. Moore, P.E.

 Out of school for 25 years, passed on first attempt, could not have done it without your course

Dr. Blank

The information you provided as a review was very beneficial & I learned from you how to take the test. But I really needed brushing up on electronics, some math (Fourier, Laplace, linear differential equations (LDEs), and Bode Plots), circuit analysis (Thevenin's/Norton's Theorems); and, I never had a controls course. I had been out of school for 25 years! First, with your help I became quite confident at solving LDEs, truly understanding Fourier Analysis and Laplace Transforms as well as Bode Plots. Then with all the very straight forward advice on transistor and op amp circuits, I became very comfortable solving these problems as well as learning (I believe enough about control systems analysis to pass the test) control systems from your easy-learning teaching method. All in such a very short period of time I believe for me...about 6 months of concentrated effort. Incidentally, all of the above were addressed on my test.

The things I liked most about the program was/is that you worked problems out completely leaving no anxiety for me to fill in the blanks, it was truly comprehensive and provided total scope learning, sectionalized enough for me to concentrate on the areas I did not use often. Also, I related very well to the videos and the hard copy reference material, and the extra bonus of your personal help answering my questions on the phone and by email. I could not have done it without your help.

Thank you very much,
Lou Faverio

No local courses available here.

Dr. Blank,
Before I bought the course, I was skeptical. I went ahead with it anyway due to no local PE study courses. I passed the EE PE on the first try with a 80%.

Dr. Blank's course E-440 gave me all the tools I needed to accomplish this task. I had to work hard, but I did it on the first try! The biggest advantage of the videos was that I watched at my own speed and at my own desk. Multiple times, when I needed personal help, Dr. Blank always answered my questions (email and phone) cheerfully and promptly. Wow - it feels great to be done with all that.

Gratefully relieved,
Joe Landis, PE
Electrical Engineer - Oklahoma

Our company group success story

" The video instruction for the Electrical Engineering Professional Engineer's Exam is extremely comprehensive.

The videos and review manual are well synchronized.

I was a little concerned about the ability to get individual attention while using a video series for review; but Dr. Blank answered my questions promptly and with extreme clarity sometimes more than once.

We used the video series in a group environment; this works well if everyone is open and responsive allowing the videos to be stopped and replayed as necessary. Sometimes, the interaction of a group helps understanding. Additionally, some participants reviewed the videos at home if they needed additional time on a particular subject.

The video series conforms to YOU: It allows you to choose what to study; spend more time or less time on each individual subject-until you feel comfortable.

I would recommend the video series as a preparation tool for the PE exam-it is well organized by subject; formatted to keep your studying on track."

Lucia W. Harvey, P.E.

I Passed on the First Attempt

I passed the Electrical Engineering PE Exam on my first attempt.  Dr. Blank's instructional videos helped me to focus on the material that was most important.  Dr. Blank is able to simplify complex problems in order to make them much easier to understand and solve.  If you are like me, watching videos keeps my attention much longer than reading books.  This allowed me to study for longer periods of time and become prepared for the exam much quicker.  In addition, Dr. Blank makes himself personally available over the telephone to answer your questions.   Dave Evans, PE

Best training ever.

Dear Dr. Blank,
"Your video series is the best training session I have ever used for prep for the PE exam. Hats off to you. I have re-learned so much about electrical engineering from this video series that can't be taken away from me.

I will send for the semiconductor electronics lesson in the near term.

I will also recommend you to others. Feel free to use this e-mail as you wish as a satisfied customer reference. Thanks again,"

Alvin Garibaldi

Excellent Teacher

Dr. Blank,
"I just want to say that you are an EXCELLENT teacher! I have 4 college degrees and have been in school about 20 years off and on, and you are one of the finest instructors I have ever had the pleasure of learning under. After just 2 weeks and 3 modules, I feel more confident than I have ever felt for the exam." Tom Powell

I passed the EIT just by viewing the videos

Dr. Blank,
Id like to mention that I passed the FE/EIT exam just by viewing the videos. Thanks,
Minhtri Pham

With your course I passed the first time after being 14 years out of school,
while working 50+ hours per week

Dr. Blank
"Thank you so much for your home study video course! I have been out of school for 14 years and working with your video course was critical to my passing the FE the first time. Having the right tools and coaching helped me to systematically review all the critical areas, learn great test taking strategies, and to have the confidence to get through and pass the exam. I have already recommended your course to several of my friends so they can pass too! Your course is far more comprehensive than the other preparation courses and having the flexibility to view the videos in the comfort of my home supported my studying while working 50+ hours per week! "

I especially appreciate the time you spent with me on the phone answering my questions and giving me valuable tips and advice.

Thanks and with much appreciation!
Philippa Taylor

Third Time is the Charm!

Thank you! I just passed the FE after using your course. It was my third time. The first two I studied on my own. The last time I used your video course. My score went from 69-68 to 75. So now I am off to the PE exam.

Thanks again,

15 Years Out of College.

Dr. Blank
As an electrical engineer out of college for almost fifteen years, I needed a structured review course for the FE exam to help me relearn many of the basic concepts; particularly in subjects like statics, thermo, and fluid mechanics. Your excellent E-327 video course provided exactly what I wanted plus it motivated me to study. I passed on my first attempt.
Thank you.

"It gave me confidence. It helped me to realize that the solutions are often based on basic knowledge & not necessarily on calculations."

Kathy Meiners

"Excellent instruction. The related analogies made it more understandable. It helped me to identify short cuts. Built my confidence."

Mike Olderbak

"Challenging and fun. The instructor maintains a thorough working knowledge of the material. He explained the most efficient techniques to solve engineering problems."

Steven Kennedy

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