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Are you a consulting engineer in the Chicago/Rockford IEEE Consultants Network?

You can be included in this mall, AT NO CHARGE.

E-Mail the following information to register for the Consultants Mall

1. Name followed by degrees.

2. A Brief Resume (50 - 150 words maximum)

3. Are you a member of the IEEE Chicago/Rockford Consultants Network? All it takes to be a member is to voluntarily donate $10 cash to offset mailing expenses. There are no dues or fees. You are welcome to be a member "by mail". You will be kept informed and published in our directory, if you choose.

Individual consultants will be included in this mall (when the information requested is provided) if you are a member of our network.

If you are not now a member send your $10 cash donation (cash only) to
Ben Miller
P.O. Box 483
Deerfield, IL 60015

4. Would you be available for assignments and want to be contacted by job shops? (Y/N)
(We will put a yes or no statement next to your name for the job shops who visit our home page.)

5. Address

6. Do you now have a personal home page on the world wide web?

If so, give us the address and we will link your page to our directory.

7. Areas of Expertise. From the list of over 100 areas of expertise listed in The World's Most Visited Consulting Engineering Mall please indicate the ones in which you want to be included.

US Mail: Engineering Update Institute, 8N173 Ickenham Lane, Plato Center, IL 60124

Entrance to The World's Most Visited Consulting Engineering Mall

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