Roy Leventhal, BSEE and MSEE, Illinois Institute of Technology.
Post-graduate studies in Semiconductor Physics and Microwave Engineering

Provides expert services and support in semiconductor modeling and PCB simulation for high-speed digital circuits. 45-year career includes extensive experience in RF, semiconductor applications, components, reliability, failure analysis, signal integrity, power integrity, EMI/EMC, IBIS, SPICE and Scattering-Parameters. Principal author of Semiconductor Modeling: For Simulating Signal, Power, and Electromagnetic Integrity, ISBN: 0-387-24159-0. Roy is active on the IBIS Committee and develops and presents courses on signal integrity.

Member of IEEE Chicago/Rockford Consultants Network

Job Shop Availability: Yes
1924 North Burke Dr.
Arlington Heights, Illinois 60004
(847) 590-9398
EFAX: (440) 540-9398
Cell: (847) 624-7907

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