Seminar on Consulting

Consultants are in high demand . . . are you available?
Learn "How to Start and Expand a Successful Consulting Practice"

This six-hour seminar/workshop for engineers, scientists, and other professionals is currently being held throughout the United States and Canada. It is available to individuals, groups, and companies.

"With the recent DOWNSIZING AND RESTRUCTURING the demand for consultants (full-time and part-time) has increased dramatically!"

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Answer These Questions

1. Do you want to know the secrets of what experienced and successful consultants are doing and how they are doing it?

2. Are you interested in consulting part-time while keeping your present job?

3. Are you considering making the transition from a full-time job to a full-time independent consultant, and are you concerned about the possible temporary loss of salaried income and company benefits?

4. Are you unemployed or under-employed, and are you considering becoming a consultant?

5. Do you want to expand your present consulting practice?

6. Are you looking for clients and assignments?

If you answered "yes!" to ANY of these questions, you will want to learn the HOW-TO'S and more from this highly-acclaimed seminar.

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Session 1 - How to Get Started Without Leaving Your Present Job, Keeping Records, & TAXES

1. INTRODUCTION to modern consulting and the consulting marketplace.
2. MYTHS about consulting. Some are true, some are false.
3. REASONS to become a consultant. How do these reasons influence your success as a consultant?
4. Critical details and important concerns about GETTING STARTED. What are the steps?
5. The RECORD-KEEPING procedures used by many consultants FOR TAXES are simple.

Session 2 - HOW TO SET YOUR FEES . . . A FORMULA for fee-setting; Experience Needed

6. How do you determine what the FEE is for an assignment? You will be shown a simple FORMULA for calculating the fee to charge a client.
7. Common question: Do you have the EXPERIENCE to be a consultant? The answer is revealed during the seminar.

Session 3 - HOW TO WIN THE CONTRACT, Step-By-Step, What To Say, What To Do

8. The ETHICS of consulting and multicultural diversity awareness. What are they? How you as a consultant handle them professionally.
9. Why will A CLIENT SEEK YOU? How does a client make a final decision among you, other consultants, and using internal capabilities?
10. How do you WIN a contract? Follow the steps involved from the first contact, through the interview, the preparation of the proposal, and obtaining the purchase order.


11. How do you FIND CLIENTS? You will be shown OVER TWENTY UNIQUE AND PROVEN METHODS OF FINDING CLIENTS, without cold calling or mass mailing.


EARN CREDIT: Attendees may receive credit in the form of PDH's or CEU's for attending this seminar. TAX DEDUCTION: It is likely that each attendee is eligible to receive a tax deduction for education expenses undertaken to maintain or improve skills required in one's business.

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Dr. Gary Blank is the IEEE-USA President-Elect 2013, IEEE-USA President 2014.

An American success story, Gary Blank has taught and helped hundreds of professionals internationally to start and to expand their consulting practices. He received his BS from Illinois Institute of Technology, MS from the University of Idaho, and Ph.D. at the age of 24 from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. All degrees are in electrical engineering. Since then his career has advanced along parallel paths in industry and in academia. Less than two years after graduation he started his consulting practice. He rapidly expanded his client base, and during the next thirty years he was never without a client for more than one week. He made a smooth transition from a full-time salaried employee to a full-time independent consultant in 30 days.

For 15 years he was a full-time consultant while concurrently teaching part-time at the University of Florida and UCLA. For 13 years he held full-time faculty positions at Marquette University, Northern Illinois University, and the Illinois Institute of Technology, while concurrently consulting part-time in industry.

He is a Senior Member of the IEEE and the founder of the IEEE Consultants' Network of Chicago/Rockford. He is the past Chairman (1998-2001) of the Coordinating Committee of the AICN (Alliance of IEEE Consulting Networks), and the recent past  Chairman (2008-2009). He is responsible for the start-up of over 20 IEEE Consultants Networks in both the USA and overseas.

Dr. Blank was the IEEE-USA Vice President of Career and Member Services 2010-2012. In 2007 he was elected by the IEEE-USA membership (over 200,000 members) to represent them as their Member-at-Large 2008-9 on the Board of Directors. He was the IEEE-USA Vice President, Member Activities, 2003-4, the Chairman of the IEEE Region 4 Student Activities Committee and the Chairman of the IEEE Region 4 Major Conferences Committee. He was a member of the Midcon Board of Directors and was Convention Director for Midcon 1991. He was a member of the IEEE Educational Activities Board's Committee on the Engineering Skills Assessment Program. He is the author of numerous articles.

He is currently consulting full-time in industry in Electronics, Power, and Control Systems. He provides engineering courses live, on home-study videos, and on-line, for engineers who are preparing for the Professional Engineers' exams. He also conducts seminars in the USA and in Canada for engineers considering a career in consulting or expanding their consulting practice. In the seminar he illustrates how to keep your present job and launch a successful part-time consultancy. Then he explains how to allow your practice to grow as rapidly as you desire using the right strategies.

Dr. Blank is a dynamic and effective workshop leader. His ideas are creative and exciting. His teaching style makes it easy and enjoyable for others to learn. His well-organized, informative workshops and classes earn him consistently high ratings from participants. His illustrations and tips are down-to-earth, practical proven methods.

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"Personal experience, anecdotes, examples of tried methods that work. Excellent public speaking skills. High opinion of workshop and speaker, gained a lot of insight and knowledge." Kendall Giles

"Workshop highly motivating, a fast track approach, valuable information. Speaker very effective, interesting, honest and has integrity." Frank Michalek

"Very well presented. Fast moving. Good real life experience sharing. Very practical. Speaker clear, concise,interesting. Knew his material." Daryl Gruenwald

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This 6 hour program is available live to consulting groups, and consulting companies.
It has been used as a fundraiser/educational program for professional technical groups (including IEEE Sections and IEEE Consulting Networks).
For further details contact us by E-Mail, by telephone 1-847-309-5864.

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Copyright (c) 2013 by Gary and Bonnie Blank and Engineering Update Institute. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED